The Conversion of
Taxable Capital into Charitable Capital

The Charitable Capital Planning Team

Connecting the non-profit community
with the financial services community

Establishment and implementation of Charitable CapitalTM Giving Programs.

Provide case design, illustrations, presentations and detailed proposals for the various Charitable CapitalTM planning tools.

Custom Designed marketing and educational materials.

Full color booklets, tri-fold brochures, articles, letters, flyers, envelope stuffers and PowerPoint presentations.

Training schools and webinars conducted across the country on a regularly scheduled basis as well as custom designed workshops.



Licensed Offices Nationwide

Atlanta • Cincinnati • Santa Barbara • Los Angeles • Seattle • Jacksonville • Orlando • Tampa • Phoenix
Indianapolis • San Diego • Philadelphia • New York • Colorado Springs • Houston • Cleveland • Buffalo
Kansas City • Des Moines • Las Vegas • Boston • Chicago • St. Louis • New Orleans • Washington D.C.
Denver • Louisville • Kansas City • Miami • Dallas • Portland • Omaha • Minneapolis • Memphis